Purple Cowhead

Just another formalized excuse to practice digital techniques of making to create new aff‑ects in resolution and aesthetics that resonate with a person’s psyche. Purple Cowhead is the third edition of the fractured husbandry series. Medium: eps foam/abs plastic/ black ...

Coral City by Catherine Richards

By Artist Catherine Richards. Fabricated by Rash, LLC. “Coral City is an architectural installation at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center opening October 31, 2015 through October 2017. Coral City is inspired by the structure of ...

fractured husbandry_thoroughbred head

Just another formalized excuse to practice digital techniques of making to create new aff‑ects in resolution and aesthetics that resonate with a person’s psyche. Thoroughbred Head is the second edition of the fractured husbandry series. Medium: eps foam/abs plastic/ black acrylic/epoxy ...

Silk Blooms by W/Field Workshop

Silk Bloom is a series of sculptural forms based on the geometries and undulations of a flower bouquet and the graphic patterns of jockey silks. The forms bend, wrap and fold in a similar language ...

JMU Benches

Rash, LLC. designed.  Fabricated with James Madison University design students, as part of a week long workshop to learn the design and fabrication process.

Wrong Chairs

Adapted from John Kassay’s drawings of 18th- and 19th-century Windsor chairs, the built set examines a medley of design what-not-to-do’s. The seven dining chairs push the visuality of illusions beyond basic trompe l’oeil styling and toward a projective form of ...

fractured husbandry_Cowhead

fractured husbandry is a formalized excuse to practice digital techniques of making to create new aff‑ects in resolution and aesthetics that resonate with a person’s psyche. Cow Head is the first edition of the fractured husbandry series. Medium: eps foam/abs plastic/ ...

Surface Gardens by Endemic

Surfaces by Clark Thenhaus of Endemic.  Medium High-density foam and car paint.


Conceptual furniture by Jimenez Lai and Grayson Cox commissioned by Storefront for Art and Architecture. Images via Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Shadow Box 1

HK_Screen 01

Red Oak wall partition fabricated for architecture/design firm Affect_T.  Processing and fabrication at PRvD.

Freedman Residence

Garden gate design and fabricated by Rash, LLC.  Landscape design by Z Freedman Landscape Design. Photographed by Julius Schulman.

Flower Residence

Stair hand rail system designed and fabricated for Brad and Laura Flowers.

White Elephant

Architect Jimenez Lai discovering a ‘building within a building’.  Aluminum, plexi, rubber, and Argentine cowhide.  Great work by Andrew Akins and Thomas Kelley and many others to make this happen.  Production, processing, and fabrication at PRvD for ...

Kartal Pendik Masterplan

The Kartal Pendik Masterplan installation by Zaha Hadid Architects and shown at the Sonnabend Gallery. For more information please visit Zaha Hadid and Rove Gallery. All images in this gallery are copyright of Bettina Johae, please visit the site of ...

Sky Space Bench at the Price Residence

The bench was designed by Architect Duncan Nicholson for a James Turrell Skyspace at the Dallas Price Residence.  Processed and Fabricated over 8 months with approximately 2000 parts.  For more information please visit Duncan Nicholson.

Florencia Pita / FPMOD

An installation at the Art Institute of Chicago for Florencia Pita.  Images courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago.  3d elements processed and fabricated at PRvD.

Le Chaise Grotesque

Designed by Hernan Diaz-Alonso for the Art Institute of Chicago. Images courtesy of Frank Doering. Production, processing, and fabrication at Parrish/Rash; a gold version to follow at PRvD.

World Trade Center Memorial

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hospice in Northern Kentucky partnered this year with The University of Kentucky College of Design to create a memorial sculpture made from a piece of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center ...

Sur @ MOMA PS1

Sur was the winning entry designed by Hernan Diaz-Alonso for the young architect program at the Museum of Modern Art PS 1.  For more information please visit Xefirotarch.

Shanghai University students visit College of Design

The College of Design recently hosted nine students from Shanghai University and ran a six-day workshop which introduced them to digital design and fabrication in architecture. The workshop, instructed by School of Architecture faculty members Kyle ...

718 Toy Loft

Multiple furniture pieces produced for architects Durfee/Regn. For more information please visit Durfee Regn.

Park Residence

Multiple elements produced in collaboration with Hype-Arc and Breakform Design for architect Jay Vanos.

Vase & Candle Holder

These two products were inspired by Alex Pincus.  Found twigs from a KY ice storm supplied by Spencer Dorhman and clear urethane. Designed and fabricated at Parrish/Rash.


Sangre was produced for Hernan Diaz-Alonso’s firm Xefirotarch for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Designer Series. The installation traveled further to the Art Institute of Chicago. For more information please visit Xefirotarch.

Duncan Nicholson

Repeatable wall for architect Duncan Nicholson processed at PRvD.

Hirsuta Disco Balls

Developed by design firm Hirsuta  interested in the form and context of the Disco Ball in Variations on the Disco Ball.  Production and fabrication at PRvD for LoT Gallery.

Pitch Black

Pitch Black was fabricated for Hernan Diaz-Alonso and exhibited at the MAK Center Vienna as well as Artist Space NYC. For more information please visit Xefirotarch.  Body by Parrish Productions and legs by Rash.

Interview with Aaron Willette

Shop talk with Rives. excerpt: Let’s try and define what a typical person like Joe Blow on the street would think a “fabricator” is. They would say, “A guy who makes things.” In order for that ...


Klex is a prototype fabricated by Parrish|Rash for Ruy Klein. It was featured in the Masters of Sensation show at the Artist Space NYC.  For more information on the amazing practice of Ruy Klein, please ...