• Interview with Aaron Willette

    Shop talk with Rives. excerpt: Let’s try and define what a typical person like Joe Blow on the street would think a “fabricator” is. They would say, “A guy who makes things.” In order for that person to make things, they're given a set of drawings that are all figured out and they go and fabricate directly off of those drawings. What I actually get paid to do is the three weeks or three months that it takes for me to draw and figure it out what I'm given so that I can fabricate it. I don’t know what to call that front loaded area but that’s really the only thing I am getting paid for and its what a lot of companies don’t know how to do. They have an idea about what they want the end product to look like and they think they’re paying me for that end product. But what they’re paying for is the time immediately after they hand over the file. It gets into a discussion about intellectual property, which is part of what you’re talking about. Where does the intellectual property exist and when does it change from what was originally given to you to what you actually figure out? Read interview here.