• Coral City by Catherine Richards

    By Artist Catherine Richards. Fabricated by Rash, LLC. "Coral City is an architectural installation at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center opening October 31, 2015 through October 2017. Coral City is inspired by the structure of the worlds coral reef's as architectural systems full of imagination and delight. Coral reefs are some of the most ecologically diverse places on the planet. The reef can be described as a city where many animals and plants work together to make a community. These sensitive environments are some of the most endangered on the planet. It is estimated that if action isn’t taken soon, nearly all the worlds coral reefs could be lost by 2050. Digitally fabricated furniture, covered in neoprene is movable, stackable and able to be re-configured. Yellow and grey striped wallpaper responds to the experience of being underwater. The wave wall is 3d milled like a curtain unfolding in space. It appears to be moving, as a soft and fluid surface. Laser etched mirrors reflect opposing textures in the space creating portals to different viewpoints and perspectives. The lighting is inspired by early scientific experiments. The idea of refraction of light and surface is used with dichroic films. Light bounces off the film in one direction and creates different colors in the opposing direction." - from Catherine Richards. Photos via Catherine Richards.