RASH is a full-service fabrication and design studio based in Belleview Bottoms, Kentucky. We specialize in custom fabrication and figuring out the nuts and bolts of your projects.  Projects range from museum art and design objects, custom interior design installations, innovative design product concepts and prototypes to architectural elements.

Timothy Rives Rash II
Rives received a B.A. in Architecture from the Architecture School of Design at the  University of Virginia and Masters in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.  Upon receiving his Masters, he was pivotal in the development of Hernan Diaz Alonso’s award winning architecture practice Xefirotarch.  Additionally, Rives worked on a few projects at Eric Owen Moss Architects.

Rives developed a high end metal fabrication facility in El Segundo with Ramsey Daham who runs Breakform Design, co-founded a custom fabrication company and gallery with Drura Parrish who runs Parrish Productions and Land of Tomorrow Gallery, and he now focuses on challenging fabrication and design processing services.  He has collaborated with many of the world’s leading artists and designers.  Additionally, Rives has served critical posts in important research institutions and currently is teaching at the University of Kentucky in the College of Design.